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15 September 2019

Snowrider 2020

SNOWRIDER presents snowbikes of 2020 season. Snow kits have several important updates, as well as a new model for extreme sports use.

The Snowder lineup will continue to have several variants of kits for different purposes. So, for confident users and aggressive mountain riders, the SE (Special Edition) series is proposed, which has received many significant changes. And the Snowrider 120PRO-RS kit will be the novelty of the season - Where the “RS” mark means the Race Series. This snow bike kit is designed specifically for professional riders and the most demanding motorcyclists, it will only be available in the size of 120 ”, with a unique suspension, graphics and SCS system.

 What is new about Snowder kits? The first thing that catches your eye is the new-generation MOTO650 track. The new track was developed on the basis of the MOTO65 track by the Composit Tracks manufacturing company in collaboration with Snowrider specialists. Based on our own experience and feedback from snowbikers around the world, as well as the sports experience of Russian riders, several important decisions were made. The updated track has modified design of the lugs, it has become more stiff. It excels in deep friable snow, and also has sufficient traction on hard cover (compacted mountain snow, hard snowcross).

No matter what you meet on your way: heavy snow or freshly puffed up snow, snowcross track or concrete-like snow on a mountain tip, the new MOTO650 track is now ready for all conditions.

In addition, the flexible track base provides a quick start and easy track rotation. All this, combined with all the updates of the 2020 model year, make your snowbike a serious player in the snowfields of the upcoming season.

 The second important change is a completely new ski spindle. In place of the previous version comes a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy spindle. The spindle lost weight, received a modern technological and reliable design. Also, fork clamps were changed. All these transformations are designed to facilitate the front and simplify the installation process on the motorcycle fork.

The ski itself received side skags with updated geometry, which made it possible to use abrasion-resistant carbon steel as a material, increase grip and reduce resistance to movement on hard surfaces. In deep snow and on rolled surfaces, the ski still demonstrates some of the best performance in the segment.

 A lot of updates were made to the chassis of the kit. So, the suspension received a different design of the rear arm, thereby reducing the unsprung mass. But at the same time, the torsional strength of the system was not lost.

The design of the rails has changed, making them lighter. The enlarged holes make it easier to divert snow from the inside out and also provide an additional reduction in unsprung mass. All this makes the suspension work even more comfortable.

The drive shaft of the kit also became lighter, which allowed to increase the dynamics of acceleration and reduce the inertia during braking.

By the way, bearings on the drive and countershaft have become serviced. The updated system allows to significantly extend the life of the tracked kit without replacing the main bearings. An extra cuff protects bearings from water and reliably holds grease. Grease is added through installed grease fittings with a service interval of 30 hours.

Big news is the updated YSS Suspension G-Top shock absorbers. Based on the Snowrider experience, and also taking into account the wishes of the American and Canadian extreme freeriders, the range of operating settings for the hydraulic system of shock absorbers of the SE series was expanded.

Based on the experience in snowcrossing and the opinions of the fastest Russian riders, another shock absorber was developed for extreme snowcross. They will be installed on RS series kits. This modification has the HI-LOW Speed Technology adjustment, which allows for separate tuning for fast and slow compression damping. This technology is common for summer motocross, but it is used for the first time in the snowbike segment. An important feature of the RS kit is a modified gear ratio in the gearbox, tuned specifically for snowcross.

The changes also covered main parts of the kit, the material was replaced and the manufacturing technology of the alloy subframe was changed. Thanks to new technology, the component strength is significantly increased without increase in weight.