Durable snowbike kit Durable snowbike kit

Durable snowbike kit

SNOWRIDER is a ski-track suspension kit for mounting on motocross and enduro motorcycles. Our snowbike kits are made from high-quality materials. Own development has allowed us to create a reliable product that can withstand the toughest of tests in the mountains and on sports tracks.

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Set with a 120" or 127" track and 65 mm lugs. This universal snowbike-kit is deisgned intentionally for the fans of extreme mountain freeride. Optimally fits for riding on the most difficult terrains, whether at snowly peaks or on a cross track. High jumps — it’s just about it.



Set with a 120" or 127" track and 65 mm lugs. First of all, this model is created for getting maximum fun from the winter freeride. The suspension kinematics and its wide adjustment range allow performing complicated tricks, ensure high extent of manoeuvrability and comfortable ride.



A special edition of Snowrider kit with the track МОТО650 with length 137" and lugs height 65 mm. This set is for mountain riding and deep snow. It has the best cross-country ability and can conquer nearly any slope. Extreme riding at its fullest!


SNOWRIDER — it is #1 snowbike kit in Europe. Now available around the World

The SNOWRIDER package includes a ski for attaching to the front fork of the motorcycle, a rear suspension with a Dominator-series track, a User Manual with instructions for mounting and a set of adapters to let you mount the set on the bike.

 Snowrider - snowbike system


The frame of track module is longeron-type, manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum alloy by milling. Made by means of extra precision CNC machines. Inside of the longeron there is an integrated fully isolated from environment brake system with four-piston brake caliper of fixed type. Tunnel design uses combination of aviation-grade aluminum and high-strength polymer, that provide rigidity and light weight of the structure. Suspension comprises special customized for SNOWRIDER shock abosrbers YSS Suspension, which are equipped with progressive springs with preload adjustment, as well as settings for compression and rebound dampening. All the SNOWRIDER kits of 2024 production year come with Dominator 2.56 track, which has proven itself both in sports and in mountain freeride. Narrow gauge suspension allows for easy control and helps keeping the broadest spot of contact with the snow surface of any depth and consistency. Solid milled runners with I-shape combine big safety margin and low weight. Rear rollarounds with bigger diameter make track easy to rotate, in conjunction with the belt drive ensure perfect riding abilities of the whole system.


Snowrider snowbike kit can be fitted on any modern enduro or motocross dirtbike. Installing the Snowrider kit is easy, just take off the front wheel with the brake support and the rear arm with the wheel and shock absorber and replace them with the ski and track chassis. A set of adapters is included to help mount the set on your particular model. Conversion takes an hour at most and no special skills. Anyone who performs periodic maintenance of his motorcycle will be familiar with most of the steps. The kit also comes with a detailed manual on installation and use.


The ski is manufactured in-house from hi-impact plastic, wear-resistant and excellently smooth. A central keel with two metallic cutters ensures steady motion. On the sides there are specially shaped metallic runners that keep the ski on its path in deep loose snow or hard packed snow. The ski is 310 mm broad and floats over the surface of the snow. A special narrowing design improves steerability of the snowbike and lets you enjoy your equipment in all sorts of conditions.