SNOWRIDER 2024 Product Lineup SNOWRIDER 2024 Product Lineup


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18 April 2023

SNOWRIDER 2024 Product Lineup

Hello winter lovers and welcome to pre-order track kits for the new 2024 product lineup.

This year there are three models:







Specializatpleasure of winter freeride.

Especially close to lovers of summer enduro. Comfortable long-link suspension with a wide range of settings will not leave anyone indifferent.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced snowbiker, this model will help to realize the most daring desires and allow you to conquer any peaks.

The Dominator 2.56 truck, one of the most efficient in its class, with a length of 120'', can easily compete for the title of the king of the mountain with its 137'' brothers and easily beat them when maneuvering. The narrower suspension track gives you the feeling of riding on a wheel, the large 10'' rear rollers will allow you to confidently “fall on your heel”, the YSS G-Top shock absorbers with a full set of adjustments will reveal the potential of your snowbike by 100%.

Strong and lightweight I-section runners will withstand all overloads. The belt drive in the gearbox will give the necessary acceleration in any situation. The reliable and trouble-free brake is ready to work at any second. The new generation SNOWRIDER ski, which has long been loved by many, will provide easy control of a snow motorcycle on any terrain and in snow of any condition. Riding "on the heel" not only uphill, but also on a flat surface, this is about TRIXTER. No unnecessary "goat", all maneuvers always remain under your clear control.
Steep climbs, traverse rides, handlebar turns, heel turns - you won't be able to stop until you've conquered all the available places to ride!




Hit of past seasons. This year, as with the rest of the lineup, it offers a deeply redesigned transmission with a belt drive, larger rear rollers with a diameter of 10 ''.
The model is available for order in three dimensions of the Dominator 2.56 truck: 120'', 127'', 137''.

The classic short-arm suspension allows the snowbike to be used for both mountain freeride and hard trails - we would call it the more familiar term of cross-country. A fully enclosed tunnel with a front deflector adds to the comfort of operation, a large space on the tail allows you to take a sufficient supply of fuel with you on the road and there will still be room for a bag of sandwiches. On the suspension, as usual, YSS shock absorbers of the G-Top series with a full range of adjustments will deliver maximum comfort from operation. A new generation SNOWRIDER ski, familiar from previous seasons, still perfect handling on all snowy surfaces.



wendigo rs

A specially prepared Racing Series for athletes, created taking into account the experience of participating in cross-snowbike championships in recent years. Fine-tuned handling with pre-trained YSS G-Racing shock absorbers. The Dominator 2.56 truck becomes our calling card on the cross-country track: excellent grip, excellent acceleration dynamics, perfect handling. Belt drive and a modified gear ratio in the gearbox will give you enough speed for the longest jumps. Milled I-beam skids and 8" diameter rear rollers will withstand all overloads. The brake system with a four-piston caliper will stop the motorcycle quickly and at the right time. WENDIGO RS - the choice of future champions of the 2024 season!
The WENDIGO RS will be a limited edition by pre-order only.


We invite you to take part in the pre-order campaign to get your SNOWRIDER at the best possible price for the new season.
If your organization is engaged in the sale of equipment for sports and recreation, we offer to expand the range of your products and become our dealer. If you provide rental services, we are also ready to offer you special conditions for cooperation.
We are waiting for applications by mail