The Tricks to a Quick Start in Cross-Snowbiking The Tricks to a Quick Start in Cross-Snowbiking


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25 February 2023

The Tricks to a Quick Start in Cross-Snowbiking

Two races were held in Kemerovo last weekend: the first stage of the Russian cross-snowbike championship and the first stage of cross-snowbike for the Commonwealth Cup


Last year, in the most races, our athlete, Timur Muratov, won the start. This season was no exception. The SNOWRIDER brand is represented by two athletes - Timur Muratov and Vladimir Bobin.  These guys had won holeshots in all races again. Except the experience of athletes, and a well-chosen starting position, there are some tricks, which assure that a quick start becomes regular. 

The track Dominator 2.56 got its name not by chance.  Track lugs, 2.56'' high, have increased structural rigidity, which is important when starting on dense packed snow surfaces, like on the most launch pads. The track literally “bites” into the snow surface and provides a powerful start with virtually no slippage thus breaking away from rivals. The flexible base minimizes rotational energy loss and allows the track to spin faster. By the way, beamed drive wheels eliminate drive shaft slippage, by that adding more confidence at start. Even in the first seconds of the competition, SNOWRIDER athletes are at one body ahead of their rivals. But a quick start is not the complete race….

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To be continued...