A special edition of Snowrider kit equipped with the track МОТО650 with length 129" and lugs height 65 mm. The version is best suitable for riding on difficult surfaces covered with variable snow thickness. The kit version benefits from excellent steering response and off-road performance.

Purposes: tree riding, mountain riding, jumps, middle and high level of snow.

The suspension is equipped with advanced shock absorbers from YSS Suspension, having an extended selection of adjustments and a stand-alone compensation reservoir. The special edition is offered in bright colors, complete with a fuel tank.

Adapter set is not included in the kit.

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4670 EUR


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Technical characteristics

Is self-made. Produced from shock-resistant UHMW polymer, providing higher abrasive strength and superior sliding capability.
Ski and spindle weigh
Ski width
280 mm
Ski features
Optimized geometry enabling fast floating up in the snow and ease of maneuvering. A central keel with double metal blades and two side keels with metal blades of specific shape made of high-carbon tempered steel.
Surface control system (SCS)
Track chassis
Colors to choose
Matt black, bright yellow, bright orange, dark blu
Chassis frame
Longeron-type, manufactured with robotic welding. Material – wear resistant alloyed chromium steel with complete thermal treatment.
Drive module
Motorcycle chain JT 520, sealed with X-Rin
Shock absorbers
YSS Suspension gas-oil with progressive spring, with adjustments of pre-load, compression and rebound dampening. Standalone compensation reservoir.
Solid milled I-beamed extrusion made of aluminum alloy thermally treated. Slider width is 30 mm
Drive sprocket at motorcycle
Driven sprocket of drive shaft
Brake system
Built in longeron, fully isolated from the environment, absent exposure to snow. Disc brake, hydraulic, two-piston caliper of fixed type.
Brake hydraulic line
1500 mm, armed teflon, working temperature range -70°/+250°
Track module weight
54 kg
Chassis features
Reliable structure, proved after multiple tests and extreme trials. Higher location of the drive shaft along with the fine-tuning of suspension will provide quick floating up in the deep snow.
Made of composite materials, aviation duralumin and UHMW-polymer. Additionally reinforced at drive shaft.
Rear rollarounds diameter
Speed sensor
Fuel tank
Rear luggage bag
Brake master cylinder
Composit tracks, MOTO650 (2020th generation)
Track width
Track length
Lug height
65 mm

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 Shock absorber YSS for Snowrider

New shocks YSS Suspension G-Top have been exclusively developed for Snowrider PRO-SE. These shock absorbers were especially created for winter use, wherein applied special materials intended for ultra-low temperature operation and the oil stable under cold conditions. The progressive spring provides comfortable riding and helps softly work over small and huge topographic roughness. Besides all there are compression and rebound dampening adjustments. Based on the current operational experience, as well as taking in mind considerations of some hardcore freeriders, we extended the working range of hydraulics at shock absorbers installed in PRO-SE.


 Track Composit

New generation of MOTO650 track. The latest model was powered by MOTO65 track and developed by Composit Tracks company in conjunction with the Snowrider engineers. Several important decisions were made on the basis of own experience, feedbacks from snowbikers all around the world, including sports practices of the Russian riders. The updated track became more all-purpose thanks to the modified construction of lugs. It proves perfect behavior in deep puffy snow, meanwhile having enough traction to the rigid surface (pressed mountainous snow, hard snowcross track). No matter what you meet against your way: heavy snow with bamboo underlayer or newborn powder snow, corrugated snowcross track or concrete-like frozen mountain tip snow, is easy nut to crack for the new МОТО650 track!


 Geometry and weigh

The newest Snowrider PRO-SE 2020 kits sustained several changes. The drive shaft got lighter, that allowed to increase acceleration dynamics and lessen time of response while braking. Suspension got a new design of the rear arm, while not loosing torsional rigidity. All that together with updated suspension and track brought positive effect on kit performance: dropped unsprung weight, improved passability through deep snow, enhanced stability at riding under top speeds


 Ski for snow bike

Ski is made of the rigid UHMW polymer. It slides perfectly, is not affected by abrasion while riding on snow crust and snow tracks, it will remain flexible and stiff under extreme cold. The ski has a patented design, its geometry enables easy floating in deep snow and sharp, intuitive control. For the uptodated PRO-edition the ski got new central and side blades made of high-carbon deep-tempered steel. Shape of the double central keel is optimized against resistance while movement on pressed surfaces. Considerable modification of 2020 model year – is a complete new ski spindle design. Instead of the previous version now comes up the lightweight and rigid spindle from the aluminum alloy. The spindle has lost much of its weight, got the modern technological design and reliable framework. (SCS system is not included in the kit, optional).


 Chassis frame for snow bike Snowrider

Frame is longeron-type, produced from aviation chromium steel complete tempered. Has low weight and high rigidity characteristics. Stable against resonance oscillations and intensive operation. Frame structure is patented. It is being manufactured with hi-precision CNC machines and robotic welding. The bearings on drive and auxiliary shafts became serviceable. After all, the latest system allows to significantly extend life-time of Snowrider kit without replacement of main bearings. Additional bucket protects bearings from water ingress and strongly supports grease.


 Brakes of snow bike Snowrider

Inside of the longeron there is integrated a fully isolated brake system which has two-piston caliper of a fixed type, that provide effective braking performance at any operational environment. Both break disc and caliper are strictly protected again snow contamination.


 Brake control of snow bike Snowrider

Each Snowrider kit is equipped with armed Teflon hydraulic line and a high-quality master cylinder. The system is supplied with the refilled and pumped over condition. Mounting of the kit is ever faster!


 Transmission for snow bike Snowrider

Official supplier of sprockets and chain is JT company. The sprockets are produced under special order of Snowrider, and are manufactured as per supreme quality standards. They have the best durability and longest life cycle. The JT’s sealed chain, which is installed in each kit, has long reserve term of service and perfect workmanship.


 Tunnel of snow bike Snowrider

Combination of the aviation duralumin and extra-rigid polymer provides strength and light weight of the structure. Due to special vibration absorbing material properties any resonance noise appeared while riding are now away. Ability of the material to withstand extra low temperatures without affect to properties, its unmatched stiffness assure snowbike reliable and comfortable performance.


 Runner of snow bike Snowrider

Design of the sliders has been modified, thus making it more “aerial”, by 10% lighter than previous version. Increased holes allow for easier drain snow from inside out, as well as provide additional drop of unsprung weight. All that together makes suspension work even more comfortable.


 SCS Snowrider

The patented optional system for a ski, which was given name SCS (Surface Control System). SCS does considerably influence snowbike behavior on all of surface types. It keeps stable trajectory of ride under aggressive manoeuvre in deep snow and packed snow, it allows snowbike to easily “float up” in deep snow while uphill riding or in turn, during rapid downhill decline.


 Suspension adjustment

Tune-up of Snowrider PRO-SE suspension for different riding styles is easy as anything. The YSS Suspension shocks have three settings. The first one is - spring preload. Its adjustment allows customize suspension for various rider’s weight. The second one is — rebound dampening adjustment (30 clicks). At the top of shock absorber using a special knob one may manually set up velocity of rebound dampening. The third one is – compression dampening control (30 clicks). It is situated at the bottom of shock absorber, at compensation reservoir. Possibility to tune-up allows to customize snowbike for comfortable operation under different styles.


Advice for tuning a Snowrider set

Configuring the snowbike suspension correctly will make riding as comfortable as it should be, so spend some time on this before you dart off into a snowy expanse. Settings, however, can change – and be changed – with riding style, weather and conditions around. We are going to mention only essentials and basic, average configurations of adapters.



The front fork of the motorcycle should be made more rigid. With a ski instead of a wheel the snowbike encounters greater resistance – however smooth the snow, it creates drag. Thus, you should tighten up the springs somewhat, screw in the compression-decompression bolts to increase the resistance of oil in the fork. For maximum effect you could even replace the springs for a more rigid kind or pump up air forks. Using a more viscous oil (10-20W) would also make a difference. A harder fork will let the fork “float” higher over the snow and move the center of gravity a little to the back. This will, in turn, elevate the front somewhat – helpful when maneuvering.



The Snowrider track set lets you adjust shock absorbers springs' preload and the speed of their decompression. Since the shock absorbers are located one behind the other, you can experiment with various settings for the front one, the rear one, both and so on. On the whole, tighter springs and slower decompression (with a screwed-in bolt) are more appropriate for aggressive riding with sharp turns and leaps and hard surfaces. Gentler settings will improve the snowbike’s cross-country ability as the suspension will be able to compensate for uneven, loose snow and adapt to it. It is better not to tighten up the shock absorbers overmuch if you plan on rolling over snowdrifts.

It is possible to make one shock absorber more rigid than the other. This will change the profile of the Snowrider set and redistribute the weight. The absorber closer to the bike affects its “floating” on slow, the one more distant is more involved in leaps, strong compression and hard-surface rides.